Helping overstimulated homeschool moms trade overwhelm for connection & freedom

Homeschool mom, are you overstimulated?

Tired of hearing about “filling your own” cup when it feels like you’re drowning?

Touched out & talked out?

You long for connection, but you push people away.

Tired of feeling like an angry, anxious, or checked-out mom?

You’re holding it together only for one thing to send you over the edge.

Resigned to feeling like no routine works for you?

You’re done with trying things that work for other people but don’t stick for you.

Exhausted from living in burnout?

You’re not a bad mom.

You’re overwhelmed & overstimulated.

Meet Whitney

My motherhood & homeschooling life have been deeply impacted by applying my training & experience as a nervous system specialist. You can leave behind reactivity and move toward connection with yourself and your loved ones.

I assumed motherhood would feel less overstimulating & overwhelming after the early years, and when it didn’t I felt like a failure. Of course I tried to apply what I knew to be true with my own 4 kids. Turns out, it was me who needed it the most.

I still need it everyday. You can transform the anxiety, overwhelm, and burnout, too. Understanding, appreciating, and working with your own unique nervous system is empowering and liberating.

How it Works

I combine my knowledge in various specific areas of neuroscience, especially sensory integration & polyvagal theory, with my personal experience to empower you to flourish in your role as a mother & teacher with real self-care.

  • Break the cycle of mom guilt
  • Understand sensory roots of anger, overwhelm, & anxiety
  • Learn what your body’s trying to tell you before you blow up or shut down
  • Develop practical strategies to feel grounded & connected 
  • Consider how your needs fit with your family members’ unique wiring
  • Model real self-care for your kids
  • Find language to communicate your needs
  • Move toward sustainable routines

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